Predictive Big Data - Introduction

About the test

This test is about Big Data and predictive technologies. This refers to analytical techniques, databases, machine-learning algorithms and other tools capable of discovering and analysing patterns in data to predict future behaviour on the basis of past behaviour.

It combines 27 yes/no questions on your attitude towards predictive technologies with a short personality measure. It provides feedback in real time on the similarity of your answers to those of over 35,000 previous participants as well as detailed feedback on your BIG5 personality. The test is completely free to take and you may leave the study at any time by simply closing your browser.

The primary aim of this research project is to arrive at an objective understanding of ordinary citizens' views on the risks and opportunities of new technologies. Please answer all of the questions honestly in order to get the most accurate feedback. 

This study is being run by the University of Cambridge Psychometrics Centre. Contact Vesselin Popov at if you have any questions.

Thank you for supporting our research. We hope you enjoy taking part!


Personality is measured using the 20-item Mini-IPIP (Donnellan, M.B., Oswald, F.L., Baird, B.M., & Lucas, R.E. (2006). The mini-IPIP scales: Tiny-yet-effective measures of the Big Five factors of personality. Psychological Assessment, 18, 192-203.)

The results of this study (up to June 2016) were published as the Trust & Predictive Technologies Report. The report was also shared as an exclusive in Marketing Week