Oral Health & Smiling - Introduction

Study Information 

Thank you for taking an interest in our research! 

This study’s aim is to investigate the relationships between smiling, oral health and psychology and to shed light on the role that smiling plays in different cultural contexts. We will investigate whether the frequency or intensity with which people smile declines with age, as some previous studies have suggested, or whether smiling behaviours are driven by other factors.

All participant data and responses will be anonymised and the results of the study will be made public in early 2016. This research is being conducted by the University of Cambridge Psychometrics Centre and you may direct questions regarding the study to ds617@cam.ac.uk. Thank you very much for your participation.

Consent Form

Please read this consent form carefully. By clicking Proceed at the bottom, you will be indicating that you voluntarily consent to participate in this study, so it is important that you have first read and understood all of the information below.

  1. I consent to participate in this research study about smiling behaviour. I understand that the general purpose of this study is to investigate individual differences and cultural patterns in how and why people smile.
  2. I understand that I will be asked to complete up to 60 questions on a range of topics and to log in via Facebook to share photos from my Facebook account with researchers. This will be enabled by a Facebook pop-up dialogue asking for user_photos and user_likes permissions. 
  3. The photos I share will be analysed by researchers using a third-party image analysis software and computationally tagged for certain visual attributes, for example whether there is a person in the photo and whether that person is smiling. Images will never be shared with others or made public in any format for any reason.
  4. My decision to consent is entirely voluntary and I understand that I am free to withdraw at any time without giving a reason. 
  5. I consent to the publication of the results of this study, so long as the participant information is anonymous.
  6. I have had the opportunity to ask the researcher any questions that I have about the study and my involvement in it, and understand my role in the project. I can contact the researcher at any time at ds617@cam.ac.uk. 

I have read and understand the explanations and I voluntarily consent to participate in this study. Please click Proceed to begin the test.